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Pat is a former Criminal Investigator with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department in WI.  During his 12 year law enforcement career he was a certified instructor in Police Defensive Tactics teaching defensive techniques involving pressure points, kubaton and PR24.

Pat is a USCCA Certified Instructor.  He has over 40 years of Executive Level Management. Pat is an independent business owner and corporate executive leader with a distinguished record and practical field experience embracing innovative marketing and sales strategies that have ignited sales growth, market share, and brand awareness in businesses across the country.  Pat has lectured throughout the United States and help businesses and individuals implement team building, sales, customer experience, communications, and accountability into their lives in workplaces.


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Buffalo Ridge Defense utilizes past law enforcement experience along with years of practical business travel experiences to teach importance of situational awareness and conflict avoidance which is the foundation of personal safety and security.

As a lifelong firearms owner Pat enjoys hunting, competitive trap shooting, and also enjoys target and competitive handgun shooting.  All of Pat’s courses always emphasize exercising responsible gun ownership and safety.

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